10 Ways To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes Fast

Do you have puffy eyes? Do you feel exhausted for puffy eyes in the morning? You cannot feel fresh and energetic after getting up if you have eye puffiness. It does not affect your confidence and look only; it truly makes you feel tired without any obvious reason. Those red puffy eyes are the sign of fatigue and stress.

If you have puffy eyes and you want to get rid of puffy eyes fast without any medical treatment then you can apply some effective home treatments. You can consider the following ten home remedies to treat your puffy and tired eyes fast and naturally. All of them are effective on the puffy eyes.

1. Cucumber

One of the oldest and proven home remedies for the puffy under eyes is the cucumber. Cucumber contains antioxidants and flavonoids that help to reduce swelling, irritation, and redness. It also has cooling effects that tighten the dilated blood vessels and ultimately that reduces the puffiness. You can just place the cucumber slices on the affected skin for twenty to thirty minutes. You can also apply cucumber extracts on your eyes. First, take the extracts of the cucumber, keep it in the refrigerator for twenty minutes, then soak a cotton swab in the cucumber extracts and apply it directly on the eyes. Rinse off with cold water after twenty minutes.

2. Potatoes

Potato is also considered very effective to treat puffy eyes. Raw potato contains an astringent that is helpful to remove the water from the eye area. Keep the thin slices of the potatoes on the affected eye areas for twenty minutes. You can also make a paste of a potato and apply it directly on your eyes. Keep it for ten to fifteen minutes and then clean it with the cold water. You can notice the immediate effects.

3. Cold Water

You can use cold water to get rid of eye puffiness. Though this is a simple one, but very effective to treat under eye puffiness. It acts as a vasoconstrictor that reduces the blood flow to the affected skin. If you want to get rid of puffy eyes through this procedure then soak a clean cloth in cold water. Ice water is also effective and will give the same result. Squeeze out the excess water from the cloth and place that wet cloth on the eyes for ten minutes. You will feel better. You can practice this procedure two to three times in a day. It will not only reduce the puffiness, it will make the eyes look better and relaxed.

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4. Tea Bags

Both green tea bags and black tea bags are considered effective to get rid of the puffy, tired, and irritated eyes. Tea bags contain a natural astringent and tannin that tightens the blood vessels of the skins around your eyes and reduces the swelling. You can drop two of any tea bags in the hot water, take them out after a few minutes and let them cool to the room temperature. Now you can place these bags on the affected skin for about ten to fifteen minutes. Practice this procedure twice in a week to tighten the blood vessels and to improve the skin tone under your eyes.

5. Egg Whites

Egg whites are considered helpful to reduce inflammation and it can also stimulate circulation to your eye surrounding areas. You can simply apply the egg whites with your fingers on the affected area. If you want you can use a brush for this purpose. Keep the egg whites ten to fifteen minutes and let it dry. Once it dried up completely, gently rinse off with cold water. Follow this procedure two to three times in a week.

6. Whole Milk

You will be surprised to know that whole milk is very effective for the puffy eyes. Whole milk is rich in proteins, amino acids, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, lactic acid. These ingredients are helpful to reduce puffiness under eyes. Just wet a clean towel with whole milk and place it on the affected eyes for ten to fifteen minutes. You can notice the immediate improvement. Practice this procedure on every alternative day.

7. Adequate Rest

One of the major causes of the eye puffiness is tiredness, stress, and lack of rest. If you want to treat your eye puffiness naturally then consider having at least six to eight hours sleep every night. You can also take naps during the day time. Working long hours without rest causes the accumulation of excess fluid and fat around your eyes. Ultimately that gives you puffy eyes. Hence, the best way to deal with that puffiness is to get the adequate rest.

8. Make Use Of Your Finger

You can keep both of your index fingers on both the sides of your nose near the nostrils and press it gently for about ten to fifteen seconds and repeat procedures five times in a day to get relief from eye puffiness. This treatment will help your body to get rid of that excess fluid that makes you have puffy eyes.

9. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is not only helpful to get rid of puffy eyes; it also makes your eyes look fresh and radiant. You can apply vitamin E on your eyes directly at night. Leave it for the overnight and wash the area with cold water in the next morning. Practice this treatment once in a week.

10. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an effective home remedy for eye puffiness. It tightens the blood vessels and that ultimately reduces the swelling. Cut an Aloe Vera leaf and collect the gel. Apply the gel directly on the affected skin. Leave it for thirty minutes then clean it with cold water. Follow this procedure once in every day.

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Additional Tips To Get Rid Of Eye Puffiness:

  • Do not rub your eyes. It might cause eye puffiness and redness.
  • If you have allergies then treat it to reduce the possibility of eye puffiness.
  • Sleep on your back that will prevent water pulling under your eyes.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Take adequate rest to protect your eyes from tiredness and exhaustion.
  • Eat more diuretic foods.

All these remedies are effective. You need to practice it regularly to get rid of eye puffiness and irritation and to restore your confidence.

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