6 Ways to Get Rid of Flat Warts

Flat warts are rough growths that often occur on the skin. They are common blemishes and are caused by a viral infection; flat warts have a flat top, are very contagious, and are usually light brown, yellow, or pink in colors. While warts are generally not painful and cause no serious health problems, they can be annoying and unsightly.

However, they are often very difficult to eradicate efficiently. Fortunately, there are many home remedies you can perform to get rid of flat warts quickly and easily and ensure that they never come back.

1. Try Pineapple

Surprisingly, pineapple can act as an excellent natural home remedy for flat warts. Pineapples include an abundance of natural acids and enzymes that can quickly kill flat warts with minimal effort. Simply rub a section of fresh pineapple on your wart two or three times per day and allow the pineapple juice to dry and absorb into the wart. It is very important that the pineapple you use is fresh and recently cut in order to ensure that it still has a large amount of its acids and enzymes that can absorb into the wart.

2. Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a powerful natural ointment that has been used as treatment for various minor ailments for centuries. This substance can be purchased at any health food store or drugstore. Tea tree oil is filled with antibacterial properties and helps eradicate flat warts by eliminating any germs and bacteria from them and causing them to shrivel and disappear. Apply a liberal amount of straight tea tree oil directly to your flat wart and cover the oil with a bandage before it dries. Rub more tea tree oil on your wart and replace the bandage every day in order to eliminate it quickly and efficiently.

3. Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural plant that has powerful healing properties for many ailments, especially skin conditions. The leaves of the plant contain a special gel that includes a large amount of malic acid. Malic acid functions to dry out the flat wart and burn away the flesh of the wart without harming the skin underneath it. Aloe vera gel can be purchased at any grocery store, health food store, or drugstore. However, applying gel from the freshly cut leaf of an aloe vera plant is much more effective at removing flat warts efficiently. If you cannot access a fresh aloe vera plant, make sure that you buy the purest form of aloe vera gel possible. Rub the aloe vera gel directly onto the wart every day and cover the wet gel with a bandage before it dries.

get rid of flat warts

4. Drink Honey and Herbs

A great way to get rid of flat warts quickly and easily is to boost your immune system in order to encourage the warts to disappear on their own. You can quickly increase your immune system by drinking a mixture of honey, mint, cranberries, and thyme. Drinking a mixture of these substances mixed with water, milk, or juice every night can boost your immune system significantly within a few days and likely eradicate your wart quickly as well.

5. Use Duct Tape

Most types of wart, including flat warts, can be easily eliminated using duct tape. Simply cover the wart completely with duct tape; the duct tape will stimulate your body’s immune system to quickly eradicate the wart with no pain and minimal effort. This remedy, however, can take several weeks to eliminate the wart completely and it is necessary for the duct tape to remain on the wart until the wart is one hundred percent gone.

6. Rub on Aspirin

Interestingly, rubbing a common aspirin tablet on your flat wart can quickly and easily remove it permanently. The salicylic acid included within aspirin causes the infected skin of the wart to peel off. To use this method, simply moisten a tablet of aspirin and adhere it to the wart with a bandage for fifteen to twenty minutes. Repeat this process daily until the wart has disappeared.

Other Useful Tips

  • If the above home remedies do not effectively eliminate your flat warts, or if the warts grow back, you should visit a doctor to receive medical advice or get your warts professionally removed.
  • If you have flat warts on your face, it is necessary to exercise additional caution when trying these home remedies due to the sensitive nature of the skin on your face.
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