10 Ways To Get Rid Of Gnats in The House

Are you looking to get rid of gnats in home? Do you find it difficult to make them out from your home? If yes, then you are in the right place. Gnat is a term that is used for the tiny, winged insects. These insects are very irritating and can create trouble for you in the kitchen and cannot distract you even in a neat place. The surprising fact is that you cannot find their source. Some gnats are attracted to the carbon dioxide and that is the reason that you can find them on your nose and mouth. Obviously, these things will irritate any person.

You can get rid of gnats in the house with the help of the professionals. They can apply some proven techniques to get make your home gnats free. You can also try on your own to get rid of gnats in home. There are many simple ways that can be applied on those gnats to get rid of them. If you are looking for some proven techniques and ways then go through this article. In this article, I will offer ten effective ways to make your home gnats free. All these methods are the worth trying. You can try them before taking the help of the professional. The success depends on the severity of the condition. You can also try more than one method to get the best result.

1.) Vinegar Trap

Vinegar trap is widely used to get rid of the gnats. This is considered one of the most effective and successful home remedies to kill the gnats. To apply this method, you need to mix dish shop, sugar, cider vinegar, and water in a container. Make a proper combination with one tablespoon of sugar, one liter of water, two tablespoon of vinegar, and a few drops of soap. Mix the ingredients properly and keep the container where you find and see the gnats. The gnats will be attracted by the smell of the vinegar and will succumb after coming into the contact of the liquid.

2.)Gnat Trap

You can also buy a gnat trap. These traps are specifically made to tackle the gnats. If you use this trap, you do not need to rely on any other product or pesticides to get rid of them. This is also a simple and less time taking consuming process. You can trap them when they emerge from the soil or keep the trap on the affected area.

3.) Honey

Sugary items attract the gnats. You can follow a simple procedure to trap the gnats. Take a few small pieces of the plastic and apply honey on them so that the giants can stick on it.

4.) Bleach

You can also pour bleach into the sink to get rid of the gnats. Do not pour the bleach directly into the sink. Instead, mix it with some water and then cover the entire area. While following this procedure, make sure that your hand and mouth is covered. Moreover, keep the younger kids and pets away from that place.

get rid of gnats in home

5.) Fogging products

You can also use fogging products to get rid of the gnats. It is considered effective if you are living place is large and you are experiencing this problem more often. Different types of the fogging products are available in the current market. You can use Hot Shot Insect Fogger or the Burgess Insect Fogger. Both these products are effective on gnats.

6.) Fruit Trap

You must have noticed that gnats love fruits. You can use those fruits to trap them. You can simply place a piece of banana and apple in a small bowl. Now you can take a large bowl with a mixture of water and soap drops. Place the small bowl inside the large one and cover them with cellophane wrap and do some arrangement just like make small holes on the wraps so that the gnats can enter. Within a couple of minutes, you can see the results.

7.) Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil can do wonders as well. Pour the vegetable oil into the sink to assemble the gnats. Once you notice their presence, apply some ammonia on those little insects. Ammonia is not a safe product. While using this, make sure that your hand is completely covered. Clean you sink properly after finishing this job.

8.) Garlic

You can take five bits of the garlic and soak them into one tablespoon of the mineral oil and leave it for a whole day. In the next morning, you can mix one tablespoon dish wash with this mixture. You can transfer this mixture to a spray bottle and spray it on the affected areas.

9.) Alcohol

Alcohol is also harmful to the insects like the humans. Mix one tablespoon of the alcohol with two tablespoons of water thoroughly. Fill this mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on the affected area in every alternative day. You can follow this practice for a couple of the months to get rid of the giants. You can also use the container to attract the gnats instead of the using the spray bottle.

10.) Baking soda

Does it sound surprising? But, yes you can use baking soda to kill the gnats. Make a proper mixture of four tablespoon baking soda, one-gallon water, and one tablespoon liquid dish wash. Spray the mixture on the affected area; you will see the results within a couple of minutes.

You can apply any of those ten methods to get rid of gnats in home. But prevention is better than cure. Hence, you should mention a healthy and clean environment to prevent the occurrence of these tiny insects. You can follow healthy practices to make your environment clean and friendly such as clean the dirty dishes, get rid of the damp areas, change the pot soil, put curtains, remove rotten fruits, use a vacuum cleaner, repair cracks, and holes, cover the foods, and clean the sink. By following a healthy practice, you can enjoy a healthy and peaceful life. Moreover, any insect does like clean and healthy environment. The choice is yours.

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