6 Ways to Get Rid of German Roaches Naturally and Fast

German cockroaches are among the most abundant pests throughout the world. They reproduce in an alarming rate and their offspring are surprisingly hardy and very good at evasion.

The fact that these pests carry with them organisms that have the potential to cause harm and diseases to humans is the main reason why there is a need to get rid of them fast. with the intention of keeping the environment safe, a lot of experts have developed ways and means to effectively get rid of german roaches naturally.

1.) The Boric Acid and Flour Mixture

One effective way to get rid of German roaches fast is to mix boric acid and flour in a 1:1 ratio. One tablespoon each of boric acid and flour along with a couple of pinches of sugar and several drops of water should make it into a dough-like consistency. You can make several balls from this and place them in places where you saw the cockroaches. The kitchen is one of the places where these pests like to frequent or even live in. Places such as under the sink, under the stove and in cupboards are prime areas where to place the balls of boric acid and flour.

You will need to consistently put the balls in several places where the roaches are seen for up to three weeks. If you notice fewer cockroaches, especially at night, you can stop placing the Boric acid balls in the kitchen and try putting them outside of the house to prevent other roaches from entering.

2.) Coffee Aroma

Another recommended method to get rid of German roaches naturally is to use the smell of coffee to lure them into a water trap. You will need a large glass jar for this which can hold a small container of coffee grounds. Place the coffee grounds container in the center of the jar and fill the jar with water in such a way that the container will not float and the water will not fill the coffee grounds container. You may need to weigh it down with a stone or rock. Place the glass jar anywhere on the floor where you have seen cockroaches.

The pests will be attracted to the enticing smell of coffee and should not be able to come out of the water once they are waterlogged and will drown. If there are more than two roaches in the trap, it is better to clean the trap and refill it with new coffee grounds and water since cockroaches emit a smell when they die to alert the others.

3.) Cucumber Trap

Cucumber is also an effective way to kill German roaches. The recommended way to do this is to place fresh, cucumber peels in an enclosed aluminum container (such as a soda can or anything similar). There will be a reaction between the cucumber peels and the aluminum. Place the peels inside the can and leave it where there are a lot of cockroaches. They will be attracted to the smell of something organic but at the same time, they will be overwhelmed by chemical reaction.

4.) Use Bay Leaves

A more humane way to get rid of German roaches fast is to utilize bay leaves. The key is to crush the dried leaves, turning them into a fine powder and sprinkling them around the area where cockroaches are known to live or walk around. Due to the herbal nature of the leaves, there is little worry regarding pets or children ingesting them. Experts recommend sprinkling crushed, dried bay leaves regularly, especially if the smell has abated already, since it is the smell of the leaves that the roaches find unbearable.

5.) Cleaning with Ammonia

how to get rid of german roaches

Pest experts recommend cleaning the areas where people usually eat and live in order not to attract pests such as cockroaches and rodents. Of course, it is not always easy to keep the kitchen clean so you can mix two cups of ammonia into a pail of water and use this mixture to wipe clean the hard surfaces of your kitchen. You can also use this kind of solution to mop up the kitchen floor. Please avoid using this mixture on wooden floors and vinyl. It is better to use this on tiles and concrete floors.

6.) Petroleum Jelly Trap

This type of trap is very similar to the coffee aroma trap in which it uses the smell of something organic to lure the roaches. Utilize a plastic bottle with a large mouth for this trap. Drop fruit peels into the bottle and then smear the mouth with petroleum jelly. In many cases, the roaches will not be able to move because of the stickiness of the jelly while in other instances, they will fall to the bottom and be unable to escape.

Additional Tips To Get Rid Of German Roaches:

Aside from the ways to get rid of German roaches listed above, you might also like to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms to prevent them from being attracted to the organic smells that usually come from these places. Always clean kitchen surfaces and tabletops after use to get rid of the smells and other matter that may be left there. Wash plates and utensils thoroughly to get rid of debris and smells. It is also best to keep plates, utensils and other kitchen tools in pest proof containers.

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