6 Ways To Get Rid Of Snoring

Snoring is a common problem that many people face while sleeping. Not only the person who is snoring faces this problem but also the one beside them faces the same. Snoring can cause a lot of health problems such as daytime sleepiness, emotionally upset, reduction of mental function etc.

It also causes breathing problem and even increases the chance of heart attack. Thus, it is very important to get rid of snoring. According to a survey, it has been seen that almost 40 % of the adults are affected by snoring problems. Here are some of the great ways to prevent your snoring –

1. Avoid Alcohol & Sedatives

If a person boozes on a regular basis, then he/she has a higher chance of snoring. The consumption of alcohol can lead to dysfunction of central nervous system and cause depression. This keeps your muscles of jaws and throats always in tension. Thus, it leads to snoring while you are sleeping. In order to prevent this, you have to avoid alcohol.

2. Quit Smoking

According to researches, it has been shown that smoking can increase the chances of snoring. So, in order to stop snoring you have to make sure that you stop smoking as well. Upper airway inflammation is caused to smoking and thus the air cannot passes properly through the passage. It causes irritation while breathing and works as a hindrance while you are breathing. Thus, when you are sleeping you snore and that causes poor quality sleep.

get rid of snoring

3. Exercise

Exercise is a good way to solve many health problems. Snoring is one of them. Moderate exercise daily for at least 5 times a week can be highly beneficial for you. It actually works great to stop you from snoring. Exercise helps to sleep you peacefully following a fixed schedule which is very important. Even exercise helps in weight loss which is again important to get rid of snoring.

4. Maintain A Fixed Schedule

It is very important to make sure that you set a routine for your day to day work and maintain it every day. This will keep a good sleep and wakeup cycle. Thus, your body will get plenty of sleep and rest which is very much essential. Snoring can caused due to irregular sleeping pattern and schedule. It can cause a lot of tiredness and even it will not provide enough rest to your body. So, make sure to maintain a fix routine always.

5. Appointment To An Allergist

Often snoring is caused due to allergens. So, an appointment to an allergist can help you to determine whether or not your snoring is caused due to any allergen. Some of the common allergens are dust, dirt, pet dander and dust mites. They contribute more at the nighttime and can cause snoring. If it is so then replacing the pillow every six months is very important. Also, consider dusting the ceiling fans and keep your bedroom dust-free.

6. Clean Nasal Congestion

To prevent snoring you have to clean your nasal congestion properly and daily. Stuffed nose can cause difficulty in breathing all night causing snoring. While you are lying down with stuffed nose, it creates a vacuum in your throat. This can be a main reason for your snoring. Using saline spray or any countertop humidifier can be very much helpful. It will help you to get rid of the nasal congestion and breathe properly.

Some Helpful Tips

1. Overweight can cause snoring so get rid of your weight first.

2. Change the position of sleeping side which will help to reduce the chance of snoring.

3. Do not keep your mouth open while sleeping to stop snoring.

4. Certain medication like sleeping pills and other such medicines can cause snoring. Hence avoid taking them.

5. You can also use MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device to control the position of jaw and tongue to stop snoring.

So, these are some of the proven and best ways or tips to prevent snoring. You need to make sure that you are getting the right sleep at night to get through the day. If you are not getting quality sleep then it can cause a lot of health problems in long term as well as short term.

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