10 Ways To Get Rid Of Eye Floaters Fast And Naturally

Our eyes are perhaps one of the most important organs of our body and along with heart, kidney, lungs and other such internal organs, this external organ has an critical and vital role to play. It helps us see things and the value of this organ is best felt by those unfortunate people who do not have it. amongst the various problems of the eyes, suffering from eye floaters is quite common. Hence, if you are keen to get rid of eye floaters naturally, then you will find the next few lines interesting.

Eye floaters are nothing but dust and debris which follow the vision of a person and move as small specks of black spots. It is not exactly a medical condition but it should be treated properly so that it does lead to unwanted complications. Here are 10 natural ways and means by which floaters in your eyes can be removed.

1. Relax Your Eyes

Our eyes also need relaxation and this perhaps could be the best cure for those who suffer from floaters in the eyes. Just closing your eyes and relaxing the muscles of the eyes could be enough to overcome the problem. It has been proven time and again that relaxing is perhaps the simplest and most effective ways to overcome this problem. It can be done any time during the day and especially when working on computers or when watching TV or playing games, this is a must.

2. Massaging

Gently massaging the eyes is another great way to relieve stress and remove those minute and small specks of dirt away from the eyes. However, you should know how to massage the eye and should do it smoothly without putting too much of pressure. You must rub the eyes smoothly after closing it. You should do it in a circular motion. Apart from helping dissipate the dirt and specks of dirt it also increases blood flow and soothes the tired eye muscle. It certainly provides the right answer to the question to those who ask the question do eye floaters go away.

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3. Focusing And Eye Exercising

Eyes also need exercise and if you do them properly you can overcome the problem of eye floaters quite easily. You should roll your eyes in a circular motion. You must start with a clockwise motions and then move to an anti-clockwise movement. You should repeat this exercise at least ten to twelve times a day and it will certainly give great results.

4. Changing Lifestyle

Limiting the use of mobile phones, computers and being stingy in watching TV could also help a lot in overcoming problems associated with eye floaters. This however, calls for discipline and focus.

5. Use Bilberry

Apart from exercises certain natural foods can also help. Bilberry can be eaten raw or could be added to juices and jams. They are rich in anti-oxidants and they can strengthen retinal tissues and prevent black floaters in the eye. This is because of a blue pigment called anthocyanin which is fantastic.

6. Water

Accumulation of toxins in the eyes could lead to eye floaters. Hence if you believe in cleaning and washing your eyes regularly it certainly can help in removing black floaters from the eyes. Drinking of water also helps remove toxins and this should also be followed regularly.

7. Antioxidant Rich Food Intake

When it comes to improving blood circulation in the eyes and strengthening retinal issues there is no doubt that antioxidants have a big and important role to play. Hence you should give importance to consuming food items which are rich in antioxidants. These include oranges, kiwis, strawberries, spinach, and other such leafy vegetables. Green tea is also a rich source of antioxidant which can help in fighting eye floaters.

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8. Food Items Rich In Taurine

It has been proven over and over again that Taurine is an important nutrient which plays a big role in improving eye health. It is food abundantly in sea foods and different types of meats. Scallops and shrimps are some common examples of foods which provide rich source of Taurine. It should preferably be made a daily habit so that the best possible results are available.

9. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Science and research has proven over and over again that Omega-3 fatty acid is a wonder nutrition and it has a number of amazing benefits. Apart from reducing the negative impact of non-essential fatty acids, it also play a bit role in improving eye vision and removes eye floaters. It is available in many types of fishes like salmon, and also in walnuts and hemp oil.

10. You Can Try Vegetable And Fruit Drops

Vegetable and fruits drops are also referred to as Methylsulfonylmethane drops and they certainly can help a lot in making our eyes stronger and last longer. They help clean the eyes and remove the debris and dust which cause the various problem associated with eye floaters. However, you should check with your doctors before using it, especially if you have some eye problems.

Do’s and Don’ts

While the above foods, exercises and lifestyle habits can help in countering eye floaters you must also know some important do’s and don’ts. Here are a few of them.

  • You must ensure that you do not expose your eyes to much radiation and ultraviolet rays. This will damage the eyes. You must not use computers if they do not have antiglare screen.
  • You must ensure that you get adequate rest and sleep. This plays a big role in rejuvenating the muscles and tissues of the eyes and avoids the problems associated with eye floaters.

Restricting the time spent on computers, TVs and mobile phone as mentioned above is one of the important do’s you must never lose sight of. Spending too much time on these devices will damaging the eyes and most certainly eye floaters will increase.


At the end of the day, eyes are precious and once damaged it would be near impossible to bring them back to their original shape. It is therefore important to take good care of them. Doing so will most certainly help you overcome the problem related to eye floaters.

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